Quick Release End Effector

We made an experimental quick-release-end-effector for Willow Garage’s PR2 robot. The idea was to explore the possibility of adding a universal joint that could attach to a number of tools as and when desired. So instead of picking up a tool, the robot could just replace its end effector with a new tool end. Imagine swapping in-between a gripper, screw driver, spanner, or something else.

Below you see our advisor, Prof. Mark Yim, explaining the project. Further details can be found on Willow’s blog.

In the earlier versions, the tool dock was attached (scaringly!) close to PR2’s face.

I was mostly involved in machining and fabrication of the parts.

Below you see Matt Piccoli aligning the arm during its training phase.

Matt has since taken the project further. I’ll post an update soon.