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Spark Core Neopixel App


I always find that it’s easier to take on a project to learn about something new than to just read about it. That’s how this iPhone app happened. It’s my first crude attempt at writing code in (ugly) objective-C. The app consists of a color-wheel to select the RGB values and a slider to set the brightness. You can find the project files for the xcode and the firmware app for the Spark Core on my GitHub repository.

The project uses the Adafruit’s 24 element neopixel ring and a Spark Core. The wiring is very straight forward. The ring requires a 5 VDC supply which is directly derived from the Core’s VIN pin (coming from the USB) and the data-in line to the ring is connected to Core’s D2 pin.

The ring, when naked, is very bright. So I decided to defuse it with a thick plastic cup.



A new beginning at Spark

Began a new life at Spark Labs.

DAC Board

One of the boards that I recently designed had to use QFN packages and we were worried if our old pick and place machine would handle it. Surprisingly, they are easier to use than one may think. No solder bridges either.


Multi-Turn Pots

I love using these multi-turn potentiometers in my designs.

Camera Iris Control

Trying to come up with a simple solution to control the Iris of a CCD camera lens.



Yeah, I can get a little carried away with electronics.

Cooling Fans

Trying to keep the newly designed high current motor driver cool with some forced cooling. They are taking a lot of abuse.

Industrial Servo Drives

Now that the simulations are done, it was time to hook up some industrial servo drives over a CANopen network to the simulator. So far so good!

GSM modem

Testing out the new GSM modem. It’s a miracle that this mess successfully connects to our servers over cell phone towers!

Late Night Robot Simulations

Working on the OpenRAVE simulations for one of our latest projects at work.