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Ice cube clock

I spent the weekend building the Ice Cube Clock kit from Adafruit. The tube is a little tricky to assembly, but overall, the kit was really fun to put together. I’m thinking of adding a Spark Core to sync the time with UTC on regular intervals.

Ice Cube Clock

Ice Cube Clock parts


Sunday in St. Paul

A new begining at Spark

Began a new life at Spark Devices.

DAC Board

One of the boards that I recently designed had to use QFN packages and we were worried if our old pick and place machine would handle it. Surprisingly, they are easier to use than one may think. No solder bridges either.


Multi-Turn Pots

I love using these multi-turn potentiometers in my designs.

Camera Iris Control

Trying to come up with a simple solution to control the Iris of a CCD camera lens.



Yeah, I can get a little carried away with electronics.


Playing with extension tubes and macro videography.

So, this dude landed on my lunch table this afternoon upside down. It took him 40 minutes to flip back right and fly away. He never gave up.

Robot Chariot

What better way to test some loads on a robot, than to have a human (dork) dragged around?

Cooling Fans

Trying to keep the newly designed high current motor driver cool with some forced cooling. They are taking a lot of abuse.